10 Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Joomla Web Development

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Joomla is one of the powerful platforms for building e-commerce sites and is widely favored by many people. However, not all companies that build a website on the Joomla e-commerce platform can achieve the expected results or obtain substantial benefits.

Whether you are new to the art of building a website or migrating from a different content management system, it takes time to familiarize yourself with Joomla. It has many unique elements and it takes time and effort to become a Joomla expert.

Let’s see ten commonly made mistakes that everyone does not care about while working with joomla web development

1. Use of Fuzzy Keywords

Keywords play a vital role in the development of all e-commerce businesses. Even a well-designed website without specific keyword density will be blown away by stormy competitors.

Planning and choosing the right keywords is the key; keeping your target audience in mind is a professional way to advance your business. Build content that contains keywords and try not to stuff them.

2. Poor Navigation

If users can’t quickly and easily figure out where to go next, they will often navigate to the next website – your competitor.

If a visitor needs to return 2 or 3 pages to reach other areas of the site, it takes time. Regardless of the screen resolution, there should be a navigation bar at the top or left of the page. This must be kept in mind while working with Joomla Web Development.

3. Use of too many font styles and colors

The page should be clean and clear, with a uniform appearance. Do not try to convince the public that your website is very artistic. Website builders using Joomla often put hundreds of fonts and dozens of colors at their fingertips.

It is ideal to use 2 or 3 fonts and colors for the page. You should also make sure your page looks good on all possible devices, from desktops to tablets to mobile phones.

4. Weak Administrator Password

A new Joomla CMS website comes with a default username and password. Now, it should be the administrator’s responsibility to take password security seriously.

It is very problematic for a person to remember strong passwords. But password-based attacks are the most common attack and one of the biggest Joomla security blunders while enjoying joomla website development services.

5. The requirements are not clearly defined

If you’ve hired a company to work on the web for the past 15 years, you may have learned that you need to be very specific and detailed about what the finished website looks like and how it needs to work.

The total cost of the project can change significantly due to seemingly minor requirements which will ultimately make some existing platforms a bad choice.

6. Install Extensions from Suspicious Sources

When downloading extensions, it is important to check the source of those downloads. Make sure the files are from the original developer’s website. Try to use the download link found in the Joomla extensions directory.

Downloading extensions from third-party websites can result in downloading infected software packages.

7. Pasting Text Directly from Word

This is a less obvious mistake, but it’s still a mistake. It is not good practice to write content in Microsoft Word and then pasting it directly into Joomla. There may be no noticeable problems when you do this the first few times, but you will eventually run into some problems.

The reason is that Word documents use special codes to format lists, characters, and other elements. This special code must be corrected before entering Joomla.

8. Backfiring SEO Strategy

Although poor keyword selection and inconsistent content harm SEO to a great extent, placing irrelevant information in H tags or title tags can increase the harm. The H tag is used specifically to add information about the “title” of that particular page.

However, people tend to fill the H tag with paragraphs, business information, and irrelevant details. This in turn disrupts the entire SEO process and makes search engines not notice your website.

9. Unable to put contacts in some easy to find locations

Keep in mind you have to answer the confusing questions of people “How can the public contact us?” Try to help the public with contact methods.

You can provide the contact us option to the user in website development services. It provides complete information: email address and phone number, and social media.

10. Incorrect Assumptions about Free Extension Support

You have installed the free extension, but don’t understand what it does or how it works. You can ask the developer and he or she says if you want this kind of broad support, you need to sign up.

It is up to the developers to decide which support to provide and how to provide support.

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